The Events Store see creative potential and opportunities everywhere. Every events venue has the potential for extraordinary memories to be created and a vision to be realised. From large corporate meetings to conference setups, trade shows, exhibitions, intimate gatherings and launch parties, we aim to make it unforgettable.

The right furniture is not only a timeless piece, but a conversation starter. Our diverse selection is the result of our dedicated team’s commitment to design excellence, amassing a comprehensive selection of high quality furniture for your event needs.

Environmentally and ecologically friendly materials, suitable for both indoor and semi-outdoor occasions. Materials include wood and paper, which are lighter weight, easy for manoeuvring and packing. Going green is the way forward for sustainability measures, reducing carbon footprint and cost efficiency.
Let’s do our part, protect our future generation and the earth.
Bar Stools
Ideal for giving your events a little lift at different heights. Versatile and functional piece of furniture, bar stools are suitable for home and kitchen counters too.
Great for large-scaled events, crowds and space saving methods.
  • Exhibition & Event Furniture Rental | Chairs Tables & Sofa | Eventstore
  • Exhibition & Event Furniture Rental | Chairs Tables & Sofa | Eventstore
For a room to look elevated and perfectly pulled together,
the usage of chairs is the fastest and most effective way of display.
Get creative with various arrangement from theatre seating to lounge setting,
customised according to your attendance.
One of life’s simple pleasures is to sit back and relax. The variety of sofa seaters are well-designed for comfort to hold intimate gatherings. Engage in conversations over a drink, or simply enjoy lounging.
Have a cup of tea, let’s unwind.
Our bar, coffee and side tables takes care of all the things you’d like to have close by. Tables hold everything, linking up pieces of furniture together for multi-purpose usage.
Gather around for discussions, communal events, product display or even a hearty meal.
Extra guests? Missed a piece of furniture?
Ottoman can be a quick solution for both table and chair seating.
Double usage. Issue resolved.
Ultra-casual, laid back and super colourful.
Curl up and sink in comfort.
Adding quirk and delight to any occasion.
Popular with both adults and children.
Adding colour and fine tuning spaces in more ways than one.
Our LED furniture series are perfect for night events such music festivals, dinners, bars and product launches.
LED lights are fully customizable and easily controlled using a remote control.
Take a scenic route outdoors, the sun is nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party!”
The outdoor furniture series are durable and can withstand the tropical weather.
No need to worry about rain, go ahead and bring out the fun!
Decorating your events with additional knick-knacks?
We have accessories for you.
It’s the little details and extra elements that completes an event.


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    Business UpdateThe Events Store will not be providing furniture rental for the time being.

    We still provide lightweight, portable booth solutions using tension fabric display banners, customers who require banners for events click below for more information.

    We appreciate all your support and fruitful journey along the way.

    Should we be providing furniture rental, we will definitely be in touch with you.

    We look forward to working with you in the near future